Why Now?

A number of trends have contributed to our decision to offer a suite of software solutions, services, and ecosystems to improve rapid care outcomes. The convergence of these key trends include:

Patient Engagement and Empowerment;

Biometric Recognition for Patients Without Compromising Confidentiality;

Expediency of Sourcing Patient Data Sets from Multiple Sources Easily;

Heightened Capabilities in Mobile Security protecting Patient-Specific Data; and

Improved Industry Standards and APIs for Collaborative Responses via Selective Prior Authorization.

We give customers the choice of using modules based upon proprietary platforms or other offerings loosely coupled to EHRs such as software as a service (SaaS) or wireless network overlays.

The vestigial barriers to leveraging sources for rapid care which harness the best available identity proofing and matching processes have begun to erode.

Increasingly providers will attain more flexible, progressive, and expansive reimbursements and payments from public (i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, state, etc.) and private payers and Medicare Advantage carriers.

Others entities have already built a compelling case for a policy liberalizing the strictures that have limited payments for personalized rapid care. This advances Biometric Care’s goal of personalizing rapid care to improve outcomes anytime and any where.

Many of these points are addressed in the following links:

Link Set 1: PEW Charitable Trust Report and Articles

Link Set 2: Submissions of Medical Associations

Separately, a number of other sources reinforce that the time for personalized rapid healthcare is now! These resources include the following:

Links Set 3: Submissions to HHS and ONC by Innocuous.org

White papers:

News Articles:


Web Resources:

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